Carcar City, Cebu – Bustling and Booming

Carcar City

Carcar City : City of Heritage and Home of tasty Lechon

Carcar City

Highly recognized as the Heritage City of Cebu, Carcar City is known for its preserved historic culture as well as high-quality architectural outline which boasts excellent economic growth and rising infrastructure development.

Carcar City, Cebu is located around 42 kilometers away from Cebu city and normally takes one and a half hours of travel time. It has over 100,000 estimate population and has 15 barangays: Bolinawan, Buenavista, Calidngan, Can-asujan, Guadalupe, Liburon, Napo, Ocana, Perrelos, Poblacion I, Poblacion II, Poblacion III, Tuyom, Valencia, Valladolid.

Famous for its local delicacies such as chicharon, ampao, bucarillo, chicharon and roasted pig (lechon), travelers from different parts of the world won’t certainly leave the city until they get to try these tasty treats which can be purchased anywhere and sold at the market all throughout the day.

Aside from native food specialties, Carcar city, Cebu has been a favorite among locals and other tourists due to its emerging travel destinations and incredible cultural sites.

Carcar Puericulture Center and Dispensary

Constructed in the 1920’s and regarded as one of the most amazing architectural designs in Cebu, Carcar Puericulture Center and Dispensary, which used to be a small hospital for treating medical needs of women and children, is now where the famous Carcar museum lies.

Carcar museum

Carcar City

Located just a few blocks away from Saint Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church, Carcar museum offers free entrance and opens from Mondays to Saturdays. The museum displays the town’s local costumes from different local artists and various objects collected due to their historical value and interest.

Rizal Monument

Considered an established tourist attraction located at the center of the plaza, Rizal monument was built in the 1920’s and have been a historical tourists’ destination located just across the city hall and museum.

Carcar City


Leon Kilat

Another revolutionary hero who has his monument positioned within the city of Carcar is Pantalleon Villegas, also known as Leon Kilat (Lightning Lion). He led the Katipunan movement against Spain in 1898 but was betrayed and killed by his own men in Carcar.

Ancestral houses

The city of Heritage Cebu contains over fifty ancestral houses and some of them are the Mercado mansion established in 1906, Silva House built in the 1880’s, Yap house known for having a blue and white paint exterior very similar to Nayong Pilipino in Manila, Dakong Balay meaning Big House, and Balay ng Tisa, a traditional ‘bahay ng bato’. These heritage homes are perfect not just for sight-seeing but also for photography enthusiasts.

Carcar Rotunda and Public Market

Carcar City

The rotunda, which has been built around in the 1920’s, was a well-known destination in Carcar where food stalls and merchants have been selling native delicacies such as ampao, bucarillo and chicharon. Just within a few meters away from Rotunda is the Carcar Public Market where the great-tasting roasted pig or lechon can be bought for as low as P270 per kilo.


If you’re looking for a complete mixture of adventure and delectable food then Carcar City, Cebu is where you’ll definitely leave a piece of your heart, and of course your stomach.


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