Cliff Jumping & Diving in Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is a well sought-after holiday destination in Cebu. This sweet little island boasts long stretch of sandy white beaches, lush exotic trees, mangroves, and rocky cliffs.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping or cliff diving in Malapascua Island is indeed a very exciting activity each individual can try. Cliff jumping/diving is such an exhilarating activity, and is even a recognized sport held in exotic areas around the world. Do you know that there is one particular resort in this island where you can enjoy this thrilling show-off? Where?


This noteworthy resort is called “Los Bambos” – Malapascua’s Hidden Gem. It is beautifully set on the edge of Malapascua Island, with spectacular sea views! Los Bambos, also called Isla del Pino, is a family owned resort spanning over 10,000 square meters of land area.

Cliff Jumping

Your travel to Malapascua Island won’t be complete without visiting Los Bambos. There are many exciting activities you can do in this said resort, from snorkeling and diving to cliff jumping. Since the resort nestles on the edge of a cliff in a lagoon, cliff jumping is the most popular activity here. Many local and international tourists staying from other beach resorts take the time to visit Los Bambos just for this thrilling cliff jumping activity! Thus, why not experience it yourself! Entrance Fee is only 25 PHP per person.

Cliff jumping

Boat Paddling Activity


How to get to Los Bambos from the main docking port:

While the resort enjoys exclusivity and offers stunning crystal clear waters, it is not easily accessible from the island’s main docking port area. You have to hire a pump boat which of course costs a lot, or else, there are motorcycles that can you take you. Habal2x (motorcycle) charges 20 PHP per person, from Malapascua’s docking port to Los Bambos Resort.

Cliff Jumping

Take note: For those using motorcycles, you have to go through a bunch of local houses, as public transport can’t access Los Bambos. Just don’t hesitate to ask the locals for clear direction.


Important caution to take note too: Cliff jumping or diving is not recommended for people who are in poor physical condition or have history of health problems, and those who recently underwent any kinds of surgery. Moreover, individuals who are afraid of heights or are uncomfortable with active sports should also take caution.


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Los Bambos Beach Resort, Malapascua Island, Cebu

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