Dumanjug, Cebu: The Town of Friendship


Dumanjug: The town of Friendship slowly becoming a town of economic development


There’s always something to look forward to at the southern part of Cebu most especially in Dumanjug, where good food and great adventure begins. Gone are the days when we had to manually fetch a pail of water from a pure water source, producing fire by rubbing two stones together, cooking your food using bamboos, and surviving the night without electricity.

The process of social development in rural areas has been out of control that the towns are slowly becoming more modernized day by day. Dumanjug, Cebu’s progress over the years is apparent when it comes to the tall buildings and skyscrapers that surround the city.

Located just two hours away from Cebu City, anyone can easily reach the town of Dumanjug, also known as the town of Friendship, via South Bus Terminal. But if you’re opting for a more comfortable and convenient travel, then V-hires and rented vans are always available depending on your preference.

Described as a promising town, Dumanjug has 37 total number of barangays respectively: Balaygtiki, Bitoon, Bulak, Bullogan, Doldol, Kabalaasnan, Kabatbatan, Calaboon, Kambanog, Camboang, Candabong, Kang-actol, Kanghalo, Kanghumaod, Kanguha, Kantangkas, Kanyuko, Cogon, Kolabtingon, Cotcoton, Lamak, Lawaan, Liong, Manlapay, Masa, Matalao, Paculob, Panlaan, Pawa, Poblacion Central, Poblacion Ilaya, Poblacion Looc, Poblacion Sima, Tangil, Tapon, Tubod-Bitoon and Tubod-Dugoan.

Having such a peculiar way of acquiring the name from a local coconut juicer, Duman, who fell from a coconut tree while town folks went wild saying “Si Duman Nahulog,” which gave birth to the town’s name Dumanjug,  the town offers more than just an interesting folk tale but also great tourists’ destinations that everyone will enjoy.

Dumanjug town plaza


Similar with any town plaza, this special place has always been a part of each local family’s lives. Families especially the children simply love to play and hang out at the plaza, while others have some mini food stalls to sell some snacks. For anyone who wants to stop and talk a while and get to know each other, as the song goes, while taking good photos of course, then the plaza is the perfect spot.


Pityak / Tubod-Duguan Falls

If you can’t get enough of those waterfall day hikes then you better come chasing them again in Dumanjug, where there seems to be no shortage of waterfalls surrounding the towns. Pityak or Tubod-Duguan Falls is a tall waterfall with two major drops.

The distance from town proper is around 30 minutes and the level of difficulty, in terms of trekking all the way to the falls, is easy and perfect for beginners. It may not be as greenish-blue compared to Cangkalanog falls but it has its own pristine beauty which can also be seen with the small holes and rock formations surrounding the area.


If you try to explore the whole spot, there are also other parts of the falls within just a few meters away where you can swim privately due to a small opening only intended for a few number of people. Pityak offers more than just breathtaking waterfalls but also kick-ass rock formations. You can also do a little bouldering or spelunking due to the massive rock formations to maximize your stay.


Southern Cebu is nothing short of awesome and if you’re eyeing for that perfect little outdoor adventure, then don’t forget to stop by at Dumanjug and experience the adventure of a lifetime.


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