Exploring Dalaguete, Cebu

Dalaguete : The Little Baguio of Cebu


Obong Watchtower

From the word Dalaket, which is the actual name of a tree where the city of Dalaguete originated, Dalaguete, Cebu has long established tradings and market places even in the pre-historical times.

No wonder why the town has continue to flourish along the years together with its 33 total number of barangays namely: Poblacion, Ablayan, Babayongan, Balud, Banhigan, Bulak, Caleriohan, Caliongan, Casay, Catolohan, Cawayan, Consolacion, Coro, Dugyan, Dumalan, Jolomaynon, Lanao, Langkas, Lumbang, Malones, Maloray, Manangal, Manlapay, Mantalongon, Nalhub, Obo, Obong, Pañas, Sacsac, Salug, Tabon, Tapon and Tub.

It has been regarded as the ‘Little Baguio’ due to its cold weather especially in uphill barangays. It normally takes about two hours to go to Dalaguete from Cebu city. You can take the South terminal and take either Oslob or Carcar route, which will surely pass by Dalaguete.



Kulabyaw Cave


If you’re into caving and canyoning then this famous cave in Mantalongon is a must-see attraction most especially for those who already have plans to climb Osmena Peak. Located just before Osmena and Mercado peak, hikers will pass through a cave of bats called the Kulabyaw cave.

Dakong Bato Beach & Leisure Resort

If you want to just relax by the beach, smell the fresh air, enjoy the scrumptious seafoods, and swim by the pool then Dakong Bato, which means ‘Big rock,’ located in Coro, Dalaguete is the resort for you.  Rates starts at P1500-P4000 good for overnight stay and cottages for P300.


Ocean Bay Resort


Another exceptional beach resort can be found within Poblacion where you can catch the sun rising adjacent to Bohol Island. One of the most interesting activities is the snorkeling and scuba diving which cost around P800.


Dalaguete Beach Park


Enyoy the cool blue waters and highly accessible beach resort for the amount of P20! You got that right. Dalaguete beach park is a public beach that has automatically become a great travel destination not just for locals but also for visitors. Enjoy the clear waters without any repercussions.

Obong Springs

Due to the presence of a huge 400-year old Dalaki tree, Obong springs has been a go-to place for tourists not just to cool off but also to take great photos only for the entrance fee of P5.


Obong Watchtower

Similar to other watchtowers which are built to create an elevated observation spot against any invasion, Obong watchtower has been a popular tourists spot due to its breathtaking view and exceptional background perfect for taking photos.

 Osmeña Peak



There’s something about being on top that just makes you want to fly. If you’re into mountain climbing or if you’re looking for a different kind of fun opposite to your normal beach bumming, then take a quick hike at the Osmena Peak. Named after the prominent Osmena family, Osemena peak is a 30-45-minute walk starting from the barangay registration to the foot of the mountain. With the looks similar to Bohol’s chocolate hills, it has been considered the highest peak in Cebu at 1,042 masl. This mountain is perfect for beginners due to its cool temperature and easy to moderate terrain. If you wish to go for more hikes then there are other peaks such as the Mercado peak, Evaristo peak and Tabon peak that you can choose from.



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