Farmers Market in SRP Mambaling, Cebu City

To encourage customers to eat local produce and to help local farmers earn more profit, Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmena established a Farmers Market located at the South Road Properties (SRP) at Barangay Mambaling in Cebu City.

Farmers Market

The project started with only a few farmers selling their goods only on weekends. But due to its astounding success, Farmers’ Market is now open daily with over 50 farmers selling fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Here are some of the reasons why Farmers’ Market in Cebu is a go-to place for fresh local produce.



The prices in Farmers Market are relatively low compared to those in supermarkets, even in Carbon Market, which is considered the largest public market in Cebu. Contrary to most customers’ acuity, their prices are highly affordable compared to prices at grocery stores. Although some prices are somewhat higher, most of the products are still being sold in a lower price depending on the product and season.

Organic products at Farmers Market are incredibly cheaper compared to supermarkets. Not only do they offer low-cost products, but they also present better, healthier and intelligent options especially for fitness enthusiasts.


The products being sold at Farmers’ Market are produced, harvested and sold directly to customers by actual farmers. Most farmers taking part in this project are from the mountainous regions of Cebu. They pay a small amount of rent for the purpose of safety and security, but earn more income by placing their own products at their designated stalls instead of going through retailers. The idea of having a Famers’ Market not only motivates customers to support locally produced fruits and vegetables, but also supports the local agricultural industry.

We can show our support for these small-time farmers by buying directly from them so the income goes directly to their pockets and they won’t be forced to bargain or sell their products on a lower price to other retailers or distributors.


Local farmers who sell local produce always provide fresh variety of products for customers.  It means the products they put on the market were most likely harvested either within the day, or the day before displaying them at the stalls. This means that the shelf life or storage time for the products is two times longer compared to those in the supermarkets.

Due to high content of nutrients, you can also be assured that they taste a lot better.  There are also different essential vitamins and minerals that we can get from consuming any certain fruit or vegetable, most especially if they are fresh. Indisputably, anything fresh or unprocessed is always the best option.

Farmers Market


You will be presented with an incredible selection of local produce that you don’t normally see in supermarkets. There’s also an opportunity to try out new samples of fruits and vegetables that are offered by some farmers. These local farmers can suggest the right type of product, or the perfect fruit or vegetable to be used for every dish, as well as other organic products suited for every person’s need such as freshly squeezed fruit juices, concentrated fruit extracts, organic soaps and creams made from natural products, and even home made goods.

Farmers Market


Unlike with supermarkets where you can just purchase fruits and vegetables by picking them up on displays counters on your own, Farmers Market offers interactive communication between actual farmers and customers. You can have the chance to speak directly to the farmers themselves about the products that they are selling and ask questions such as the actual process starting from production to market distribution. Being able to meet them and communicate with these local farmers is a great way to learn more about their way of life and how these local products can offer huge benefit for our health.


For the exact address of this Farmers Market in SRP, Cebu City. Click here.

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