How to Get Japan Tourist Visa for Filipinos

Getting Japan Tourist Visa for Filipinos. Do you have plans in applying for one? Now I’m giving you some useful tips on How to Get Japan Tourist Visa – the Easier Way! Based on my experience, these IMPORTANT THINGS are what you must secure for your VISA to be approved.



Japan Tourist Visa

What you will need

  1. Valid Passport (at least 1 year before expiry)
  2. A Duly Accomplished Visa Application form (here is the sample) Download here
  3. Passport Sized Picture (just go to any Photo studio and they already knew what size is for Japan Visa)
  4. NSO Birth Certificate (must be new)
  5. Daily Schedule of Itinerary in Japan (ie. Where you will go, who’s with you) I have here my sample screenshot of my itinerary Japan Tourist Visa
  6. Bank Certificate (my suggestion is to have at least 100 thousand bank balance)
  7. Income Tax Return (Since I am self-employed, my ITR is BIR-Form 1701q)
  8. If possible, secure a plane ticket already (it is more likely that they will approve the VISA if you have a RETURN flight) In my case, I did book a return ticket via Cebu Pacific
  9. When booking a ticket, make sure that you purchase an insurance since it’s not so costly (increases the chance of approval too)
  10. VISA FEE (I paid 1,200 PhP through Friendship Travel Tours in Mandaue City, Cebu)

After securing all the documents written above, voila! You can now go to any accredited travelling agency near you. Here are the lists:

  1. Attic Tours Philippines
  2. Friendship Tours
  3. Reli Tours and Travel Agency
  4. Pan Pacific Travel
  5. Discovery Tour

By following all my useful tips for Getting Japan Tourist Visa for Filipinos, success will follow! After providing all my documents to the travel agency, three days later I received a text message from them stating that I am approved to visit Japan within three months’ time. Imagine, only 3 days! Getting a VISA to Japan for Filipinos has never been easier! Yehey! I’m so happy 🙂

Japan Tourist Visa

For more detailed information, check this well-written blog post. You can also check this website for some helpful information.

Disclaimer!!!  (Filipino- wowcebu contributor)


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