Maintain Joy despite Having Illness

maintain joy

How to maintain joy despite having illness?

Being sick, either with something not so serious like colds or something life threatening like cancer is never fun. It can be very easy to let yourself slip into the emotional dumps. To avoid you from choosing this path, here are top ways you can stay up and joyful even when your body’s feeling down.

maintain joy

1. Reflect on health’s benefit and life’s frailty.

When you’re ill, you are slowed down whether you like it or not. Instead of being impatient, take the opportunity to appreciate your body and how it enabled you to do the things you needed to do when you’re at your best health. Reflect at your health’s importance and resolve to do your best to take care of your body by making healthy choices moving forward. Think about how you are given only so  many days of health and consider how you can make each day of your life count.

2. Eat clean and mood boosting food.

Regardless of the kind of disease you’re fighting, eating well matters a lot. When you’re ill, you may not have so much appetite. Even so, find the motivation to still eat food from healthy food groups. If allowed by your doctor, try to also eat mood boosting food so you can feel better and forget about how your body feels, even for just a short period of time. This way, you can maintain joy despite being unwell.

maintain joy


3. Drink plenty of water.

Unless you have been fighting chronic kidney disease (CKD), drink plenty of water so that the toxins can be flushed out of your body. Doing so will also keep you hydrated and help your cells be in excellent fighting shape.

maintain joy

4. To Maintain Joy, focus on the beautiful side of life.

No matter how dim you think your circumstance is, there is a reason for you to be thankful. Practicing an attitude of gratefulness helps you feel positive and maintain joy even in the midst of battling an illness. Also, it can be helpful to have a couple of beautiful things near you when you’’re sick, –be it flowers or your dog or cat. They serve as reminders of how there’s still beauty even in the midst of pain.


5. Bathe daily if possible.

Some people who are sick do not bother to enjoy a shower or a bath since they’re not going anywhere. However, even if you’re just going to roll back into your bed again, taking a bath will help give you a boost. The cells of your skin release endorphins when it gets in contact with warm liquid. So even if you feel achy, you’ll feel revitalized and fresh somehow.

If taking a bath is not something that’s possible, be sure to change your clothes every day. Trick your brain into thinking that you’re not ill by dressing up with clean clothes which make you feel good about yourself.

6. Don’t isolate yourself.

It’s easy to disconnect yourself from the outside world when you’re ill. However, doing so will make you feel even more down. With thi said, continue connecting with friends and family so they know your situation and can check in on you as soon as they can. Also, be open to receiving their support and love. Accept their offers of help in any kind, be it cooking you some soup or just being there to keep you company. Let them take care of you without you feeling any sense of guilt or discomfort with what they want to offer you. Instead, accept their help genuinely and express your gratitude.

7. Smile and laugh.

Smiling releases endorphins which help in uplifting your spirit and boosting your mood. So don’t suppress that grin and take all opportunities to laugh so you can imbibe joy into your mind.

maintain joy

When you get sick, you may not have full control of your illness but you have control over how you’ll respond to the situation. You can either let it make you live a miserable life or use it as an opportunity to know more about yourself and inspire people as you deal with it. Make the wise choice by choosing to be joyful despite your battle with the disease.


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