Minglanilla, Cebu – Must-see Places

Minglanilla, Cebu is prominent for being the Sugat Capital of the South due to its most-awaited religious event called Sugat Kabanhawan, normally celebrated during the Lenten season, and serves as a reenactment of Christ’s resurrection and meeting with Mary.



It is considered the center point for the most affordable steamed rice called Puso. Having the looks similar to the famous rice cake Suman, but is actually just like normal rice wrapped in banana leaves. It is definitely a must-try for all tourists who wants to try cooked rice with a twist, and are into high-carb foods.

This town from down south, which has the potential for business growth, is located just half an hour away from Cebu city, with a growing population of over 100,000 as of 2010, and with over 50,000 registered voters. It has a total of 19 barangays namely: Cadulawan, Calajo-an, Camp 7, Camp 8, Cuanos, Guindaruhan, Linao-Lipata, Manduang, Pakigne, Poblacion Ward I, Poblacion Ward II, Poblacion Ward III, Poblacion Ward IV, Tubod, Tulay, Tunghaan, Tungkil, Tungkop, and Vito.

Visitors from all over the world flock to Minglanilla, Cebu to witness important festival celebrations and enjoy momentary view of some of the best tourists’ destinations.

Kampo Siete Caves (Seven caves)

Located in Camp 7, Minglanilla, Cebu, the Kampo Siete Caves or Seven Caves are well-known for their difficult narrow passages and magnificent rock formations where hardcore hiking and caving experts will definitely enjoy. You have to do a little trekking before you reach the cave’s main entrance. Estimate of five hours required to finish exploration of these incredible caves. These caves require a lot walking, crawling and squeezing before you get from one cave to another. The final leg of the caving exploration is the White cave which is normally described as the highest and largest cave having a white smooth interior. So for anyone looking for a one of a kind adventure, then exploring the Kampo Siete Caves or Seven Caves is definitely in the bag.


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Minglanilla Public Market

Situated just a few kilometers away from Cebu city, this local public market is the go-to place for visitors who wants to purchase all kinds of fresh meat, seafoods, fruits and vegetables. Since it is a public market, the prices of these local produce are much more cheaper compared to grocery stores. If you’re looking to replenish some fresh and organic supplies then Minglanilla public market is the place to be.


Tubod Flowing Waters Resort

The word “tubod” in Cebuano means a natural source of fresh flowing water for humans and animals. The actual word itself gave birth to Tubod Flowing Waters Resort, a unique resort which offers inimitable experience where natural springs are widespread within the area which results to large free-flowing swimming pools for guests to enjoy. Amenities include a total of four swimming pools with slides, cottages, basketball court, billiard hall, and a restaurant. You can choose from a wide variety of rooms starting from standard air-conditioned rooms to deluxe family rooms ranging from 1,000-4,000 pesos. It normally takes an hour and a half to get here from Mactan Airport and about half an hour from Cebu city using a cab or rented vans.


Circa La Playa

A resort located in Lipata, Cebu which offers not just the normal resort amenities such as swimming pools but it surprisingly has a badminton court perfect for athletic people who want to try spending their holiday vacations in an unconventional manner. Circa La Playa has fully air-conditioned rooms and cottages perfect for overnight stay and videoke machines for visitors who are pitch perfect.


If you’re looking for that perfect getaway this summer, there are plenty of travel spots within Minglanilla, Cebu, which is one of the best places to experience the perfect vacation.


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