Discovering the Small Town of Santander, Cebu

Santander, cebu

Santander, Cebu serves as a safe haven for seafarers for it has become the main location for passenger boats and ferries bound to Negros Oriental.

Santander, Cebu

Santander, which is known for their famous Tostados festival celebrated every third Sunday of April, offers traditional sandy beaches and crystal clear waters which every traveler will enjoy.

A small town with an estimate population of 17, 000, Santander, Cebu consists of 10 barangays: Bunlan, Cabutongan, Kandamiang,Liloan, Lip-tong, Looc, Pasil, Poblacion, Canlumacad and Talisay.

Nothing beats being close to the beach especially if your city smoke-filled lungs have been screaming for some fresh air. Take a quick look at some of the things you need to visit once you reach this sea port town.


Municipal hall

Checking a certain town’s municipal hall is like checking the community’s exciting experiences. The halls and facilities reflect the kind of community standards they uphold.  Located just within the National Highway, the Municipal Hall is an easy find and has also been every traveler’s picture perfect spot.  Check out that statue just right across the town hall and take as many photos you want.



Santander, Cebu

There are two watchtowers in Santander which the local government is pushing to promote as a heritage site. This balarte or watchtower which is part of the Aloguinsan defense wall was built by Fr. Julian Bermejo, a Spanish priest who devised a plan to safe guard the neighboring cities of Cebu from pirates in the early times.


Santander, cebu

The famous Sigbin Statue

Also known as Igwaron, Sanayon is where any traveler will go if you want to witness the beauty of the nearby islands such as Siquijor, Sumilon, Negros and Bohol. Located in barangay Pasil, Sanayon is a favorite tourists spot due to the picturesque view, and for people who just want to lie down and watch the sunset.  One way to know you’re really there is when you see a kangaroo looking statue at the top of some rock called the Sigibin landmark. You can take photos atop of this Sigibin just to remind yourself you were there one time witnessing the majestic view of the four islands of Region VII.

Liloan Ports

Santander, Cebu

There are different ways to get from one city to another. But in Santander, one of the easiest and the fastest way is through Liloan ports using a ferry, fast craft and a pump-boat.

Santander, Cebu

Lovely Pebble Beach


Santander, Cebu offers a wide variety of beach resorts within the area such as Eden Resort, PG Divers, Bonga Villa Beach Resort, Albion Seaside Resort, Pebbles Beach Resort, Kingdom Dive Resort, Marine Village Dive House and Ocean Terrace Beach Resort, as well as tourists’ destinations which are definitely a place of interest. So for those who are into beach bumming, don’t miss the chance to explore the Santander beaches.

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